Fresh Goat Cheese Logs

Our fresh tasting chèvre is available in many flavors. It has a creamy texture, mild taste, and undertones of a lemony flavor with just a pinch of salt.

Food Service

Goat Cheese Crumble

Our crumbled chèvre is mild, creamy, and an effortless addition to any dish. Made using the same recipe as our logs, with the same delicious taste.

Soignon Imported Cheese

The Capra brand combines traditional cheese making with quality products in bulk quantities, without compromising our flavor, for food service use.

IQF Cheese

With more than 100 years of traditional French cheese making experience, Soignon is now globally recognized as the most desirable brand of imported cheese. 

 Thanks to the IQF technology, our goat cheese is kept fresh and is perfectly sliced, easy to handle, and simple to measure. They have the same great taste and flavor as fresh cheese while maintaining a shelf life of a year.