Couturier North America (CNA)

Hudson Valley Creamery (HVC)

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The Couturier brand was established in Wisconsin in the year of 1982, when we introduced the first goat products and vacuum seal packaging to the US. Our company entered the market with its ripened goat cheeses, and to this day we still offer a variety of aged imports as well as a variety of flavored fresh cheeses made in the Hudson Valley of New York.  

In the 1990s, Couturier was the first to deliver goat cheese to consumers in the US marketplace! Eventually the brand was sold to Eurial, the dairy division of Agrial in France, so that we could expand production. Eurial shared their 125 years of expertise and French history with Couturier and HVC, and now we produce our fresh goat cheese in the USA. Almost 30 years later, the Couturier brand still lives on producing the creamiest and smoothest cheese available in the market.

Since 2012, the Couturier brand has been produced in the Hudson Valley of New York, where we are surrounded by dairy farms and agriculture. Our mission here is to continuously innovate by producing fun and delicious flavors, and to use quality goat milk from Agrial’s 12,000 farm cooperatives so that we give our customer the best value.

To this day, the taste of our French heritage remains an important ingredient in our cheese recipe.

Eurial, the Dairy Division since 1895


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